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Top 3 Creams For Hyperpigmentation, Uneven Skin & Age Spots

Night creams are just as important as your day creams, and with oily skin, it’s twice as important. And, I wish I had known this before I was closing on 30. But, better late than never. If you are reading this, I hope it’s not all that late, or at least you consider using one immediately

Below are the top 3 Night Creams, which has amazing results.

3 Best Night Creams For Glowing White Skin

1. MAMAEARTH Bye Bye Blemish Face Cream (Non-Medicated):

  • Contains Mulberry Extract & Vitamin C- Both are intense skin whitening agents.
  • Vitamin C helps in reducing Skin Discoloration, Uneven Skin tone, Spots, Hyperpigmentation.
  • Mulberry helps in reducing melanin production which is the main cause of Uneven Skin tone.
  • Contains Essential oils like Geranium oil & Vetiver Oil, which reduce acne, inflammation & fights the sign of premature ageing.

  • Advantages:
    • 100% Mineral oil free product.
    • Parabens free.
    • No Artificial Fragrances.

2. BILUMA (Medicated):

    Biluma cream is manufactured by Galderma. It is more potent than other skin lightening creams available at this price. It is hydroquinone-free skin whitening cream that has 6 potent skin lightening ingredients.

  • Reduce Hyperpigmentation
  • Reduce Spots and Age Spots
  • Reduce Production of Melasma
  • Add glow on the dull face.
  • Evens skin tone.
  • Reduce Tanning

  • Recommendations: Biluma cream should be applied on the dark patches only. It should NOT be applied on full face, until unless your full face has tanned. It can be used in the oily skin because it does not contain comedogenic ingredients. 

    *Contains Parabens

3. DEMELAN (Medicated) Rank# 1:

Demelan cream works as a de-pigmentation agent for skin whitening, and is recommended to patients who have dark skin or discoloration disorders.

  • Contains Glycolic Acid (10%)- Remove the top layer of the dead skin cell, which makes skin youthful, Fresh, Bright & Glowing. It also reduces spots and pigmentation.
  • Contain Arbuten & Kojic Acid which are very intense skin whitening agent, reduces melanin production and even skin tone.

Side Effects - dry skin, irritation, itchy skin or frequent burning sensation.


  • use once in 3 days for 2 weeks and then starts using alternatively.
  • Stop use after getting the desired results.

*Contains Parabens

NOTE: Must use Sunscreen, after every 2 hours, as it protects the new skin from harmful sun rays

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