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How to Prevent Hair and Skin Damage Before and After Beach Day

There’s nothing more fun and relaxing than staying at the beach for long hours until you come home feeling like a dried, toasted fruit. For all we know, too much sun exposure can wreak havoc on our skin and hair, making them dry, dull, burnt, and scaly. So, before you take a tan or a quick dip, make sure to prepare yourself from the aftermath of a sunny beach day. We’ve rounded up some important pre and post-beach skin and hair care below.

For pre-beach skincare:

Apply sunscreen.

The use of sunscreen at the beach is a must. Since we all have different amounts of melanin and different levels of sun sensitivity, skin experts recommend a proper application of sunscreen with SPF 15+ for daily use and 30+ when spending time at the beach. When it comes to the face, use SPF 50 or higher to avoid dark spots and wrinkles. You can also use a baby sunscreen because it usually contains a higher level of protection compared to adults. When applying sunscreen, do not skip the following parts: tops of your hands and feet, behind the knees, under the buttcheeks, nape of the neck, and ears. Use lip balm for your lips. 

Drink lots of water.

Stay hydrated before, during, and after staying under the sun. Excessive sun exposure can totally dehydrate the body from inside and out. Make sure to rehydrate from time to time. 

Use post-shaving balms.

For most girls, beach or pool time means flaunting their beach bods in cool bikinis. That’s why shaving becomes necessary on a beach vacay. But do not forget to apply your bikini area with post-shaving balms to avoid burn and irritation from the sun if you really want to flaunt in your swimsuits. 


Gentle exfoliation is the key for everyone with dry skin. You can use those facial or body scrubs that you already have at home. But do not forget to select an exfoliating method that will suit your skin type. Some people would recommend the use of peel pads over harsh scrubs or loofah. But it depends on your skin preference. Follow a moisturising cream to keep your skin healthy and hydrated.

Wear cover-up clothes.

Covering up is a great way to protect your skin from those harsh rays. You can also wear surf rashies to completely cover up your arms and legs.  

For post-beach skincare:

Wash your face properly.

After sunscreens have done their purpose, it’s important to wash them away and get rid off residual sweat and sand that have probably mixed with the applied sunscreen on your face. Do this to avoid clogging your pores.

Take a cool shower.

A refreshing cool shower bath will help wash away the caked layers of sunblock on your skin. Use a mild soap and scrub well if you didn’t get a sunburn. Gently apply an over-all moisturiser after taking a bath.   

Care for your sunburn.

If in case you get a really bad sunburn, make sure to deal with it right away before it gets worse. The secret is to have a milk bath by pouring a few cups of milk to the tub to soothe your inflamed skin and remove the dead skin cells. Apply some aloe vera on the affected area after taking a bath.

For pre-beach hair care:

Use protective spray.

Before going out, make sure to spritz your hair with a protective spray from harsh UV rays of the sun. Choose a protectant spray that can also prevent hair colour from prematurely fading if you recently dyed your hair. 

Wet your hair first.

I know it sounds a little odd but if you really want to prevent the salty water to dry out your hair, make sure to wet your hair with fresh water before you submerge yourself into the salty ocean.

Give your hair a break.

If you are fond of styling your hair with multiple products like hair sprays, leave-in gels, and blow-dry, there is a possibility of getting them damaged when you spend a day at the beach. Experts suggest to give your hair a day or two of rest before going on a beach trip.

Wear a hat.

The sun does not only damage the skin but the hair and scalp too. Wear a hat to cover up the head and keep your scalp from burning and drying effects. 

For post-beach hair care:

Wash your hair thoroughly.

Similar to skincare, wash your hair after spending a long day at the beach. Use a moisturising shampoo to wash away the sand and salt and to prevent from drying and brittling. You can try co-washing or washing only with conditioner if you have thick, wavy or curly hair.    

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